BECTU responds to BBC EHRC investigation

13 March 2019

In response to the announcement that the EHRC will be opening an investigation into historical pay inequality at the BBC review Sarah Ward, BECTU National Secretary said:

"BECTU welcomes this review because no employer should hide from their responsibilities on equal pay. There is no doubt that historically the BBC had an opaque pay structure and devolved decisions on pay which did result in examples of unequal pay and a huge loss of staff confidence. We know there have been issues with equal pay (and fair pay) at the BBC, and in particular some high profile cases within the “On Air” population.

However, BECTU and other unions at the BBC have worked closely with the Corporation over the past two years to conduct a thorough review of Terms and Conditions and to introduce a clear and more consistently applied Reward Structure. It is our contention that while the new structure is not perfect, it is more transparent and less likely to result in new occurrences of unequal pay and we are therefore moving in the right direction.

We continue to monitor this situation forensically and to support any of our members bringing individual Equal Pay cases.

BECTU calls on other Broadcasters, many of whom have a higher gender pay gap and continue to retain opaque pay structures to conduct a similar exercise involving staff, BECTU and other Trade Unions, to make resolving pay inequality an urgent priority for the whole of the industry.

The BBC is far from alone in this challenge, and it would be a mistake to assume otherwise."




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